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Getting Licensed in Wyoming

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Networking with Other Professionals

Networking with professionals in your community helps you to stay connected to potential referral sources as well as become an active member of the professional community. Getting out and talking to others as you become the face of your business will assist in confidence building for referral sources. Remember when networking to be social, friendly and approachable as you are constantly representing your company. There are several ways to begin networking with others immediately while others take time to develop. Allow community partners to begin associating the name of your business with trust, positivity and advocacy.  Various opportunities to network include
Volunteering for Causes- Special Olympics, Homeless ShelterJoining Kiwanis, Rotary or the Red Carpet Committee via the Chamber of CommerceSponsor a youth T-ball team or bowling teamAttend lunch workshops offered by other community membersHost an Open House at your business and invite other professionals in the areaOffer lunch m…

Client Consent for Animal Assisted Sessions

Not every client will be interested in participating in animal assisted sessions. In these cases, you need to have a safe, quiet place for your animal to go where other people cannot access them unsupervised. Be sure to bring items to the office that are comforting to your animal and needed to maintain their emotional and physical wellness such as crates, beds, water and food dishes, toys, vaccine tags and records, treats, etc. Bringing an animal onsite also requires additional expenses as well as paperwork:

Bite/property destruction insurance for the animalDisclose about the animal's involvement in services to clientsDisclosure about the animal's level of training if appropraiteAllowing clients to consent to animal assisted sessionsAnimal health insurance if appropriatePost a picture of your animal in the waiting room so clients know an animal is onsite

Incorporating Animal Assisted Services

Animal assisted therapy is gaining in popularity due to its effectiveness with clients. Having an animal at the office increases calm for the staff and clients. Be sure that you have a clear plan for how the animal will be incorporated into your practice. Always provide a quiet, safe and private space for the animal to go while he/she is finished working or needs a break. Important details before bringing an animal onsite include

Screening for appropriate temperament Writing policies about animals at workProfessional training for obediencePosting certifications Having evidence of current vaccines onsiteCreating a tolieting routine Discussing a supervision protocol (animal should be supervised at all times)If additional animals are onsite, plan for them to meet and greet each other safelyOutline times when the animal will be removed from a situation for his/her safety or that of the client/staff. 

Retaining Clients

Keep clients coming back to you. Even after they have completed their treatment goals, maintain a positive relationship. You never know when they may need support with a new goal or a loved one of theirs needs services. Retaining clients will increase your word of mouth marketing. Consider this when retaining clients

Greet clients with warmnessCheck up after challenging sessionsOffer an environment that is calming and comfortingFocus on building a therapeutic relationshipRemedy client issues quickly in regards to scheduling, billing, parking, etcMake appropriate referrals quickly when the client's challenges are outside of your scopeListen to the input of clients as you grow your business

Federal Tax Payments

Federal taxes as a self employed individual and for a business operate differently then other employment arrangements. You will pay your typical percentage of tax withholding plus an additional self employment tax. Self employment tax is currently about 15%. The rate consists of two parts: 12% for social security (old-age, survivors, and disability insurance) and 3% for Medicare (hospital insurance). Essentially self employment tax is the amount a company pays on your behalf when you work for them. Since you are now self employed, you are responsible for both chunks of the payment. Depending on how you established your practice as a legal entity alters how the business is taxed.  Remember that the legislators of the country reform tax law often and your tax liability may change with new laws.

Consider having an CPA in your community complete your taxes rather than an online service. This can maximize your deductions. Keep accurate logs and books throughout the year for income and expe…

State Tax Payments

Each state has its own laws for state taxes. Contact your local state department of revenue for details on your area. For example, Wyoming does not have any state income tax. However, individuals who work in Wyoming but live in Colorado must still pay Colorado State income tax.